Dance Fusion



 A registration fee must be paid at registration time.  This is for prep steps, hip hop, jazz, tap, ballet, and technique classes only. The registration fee is a one time annual fee.  All families with two or more dancers will be offered a family discount in monthly installments.

$25.00 fee (August-December)

$15.00 fee (January-May)

$10.00 Summer Sessions (June-July)

   Classes start at $60.00 per month for FALL SEASON ONLY

 30mins= $60      45mins= $65     1 hr= $70     1hr 15mins= $75     1hr 30mins= $80     

1hr 45mins= $85      2 hr= $90      2hr 15mins= $95     2hr 30mins= $100    

 2hr 45mins= $105     3hrs= $110      3hr 15mins= $115     3hr 30mins= $120  

   3hr 45mins= $125     4hrs= $130       4hr 15mins= $135     4hr 30mins= $140    

4hr 45mins= $145       5hrs= $150    

 Hip Hop ONLY- 30min class= $60  /  45min class= $70 

*Winter, Spring, Summer & Suummer Camps  rates differ from above* 

Anyone dancing 5hrs or more a week can get a  breakdown on payment by calling the studio at 502-491-2780 

 Solos, Duets, Trios or Family Dance Groups must call the dance studio for further information on these rates

Winter, Spring Summer Sessions

During the Winter, Spring & Summer months, the studio will  hold non-recital classes. These rates vary depending on what classes works for you & your dancer. Please contact us for prices & schedule.

 Call us today: 491-2780